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By Elizabeth Wright

September 24, 2020



Walletinvestor automatic research service has a negative Verge price prediction. It says that XVG price will soar to the point of $0.08 shortly and then will go bearish through 2020. It will end up even lower than now in December 2020.


An analysis portal Cryptoground has a much more positive opinion on their Verge price prediction. Their forecast displays that XVG is going to have a continuous bull run through the next 4 years. According to that, XVG price will reach $0.0753 by the end of 2020 and then pierce the sky by the end of 2023 reaching $0.15.


The next analytics portal is Crypto-Rating. They published a forecast that states that XVG will gain 197% within the next 6 months. Verge price will reach $0.0126 at that point and will go trading in sideways for the next 6 months. At the end of 2020, it might be $0.0124 with a 193% growth since December 2019.


Digitalcoinprice predicts that Verge price will burst in January but then it will fluctuate throughout the year. In that forecast, XVG will have value of $0.0064 in December, 2020. This portal also has long-term Verge price predictions: according to them, XVG will grow in 2020 and then take a sideway for the next 3 years. It is expected to have the next bull run only after 2023.


Trading and analysis portal Tradingbeasts predicts a non-stop bullish rise for XVG. Their forecast says that Verge price will go higher and higher without drops through 2020. It concludes that it would reach an average of $0.008 in December 2020 with 89.73% gain.


Coinpredictor portal has a negative short-term forecast for XVG. Their analysis algorithms conclude that Verge will lose value in the next 3 months.


This service’s forecast is quite detailed and has minimums and maximums for each month. As can be seen, Verge price is supposed to grow and predicted to be between $0.0198 and $0.0253 at the end of 2020.

Altcoin Forecast

Altcoin-dedicated forecast service has a positive result of Verge price analysis. It was based on Bittrex trading history and stated that XVG will cost 0.00000353 BTC in April 2020 (which is $0.0263 by the $7 457,14 in December 2019).

John McAfee

One of the world’s most famous crypto enthusiasts John McAfee has been supporting Verge for years. In 2017, when XVG price was $0.05 he said that it might rise by 100% in the nearest future. The same year he tweeted that his recommendation for buying is several most secure coins, Verge was among them.

Verge (XVG) Price Prediction Verdict (2020)

Verge is a project that strives to embody all the advantages of cryptocurrency. Its goal is to make money transactions quick, safe, secure and anonymous, getting rid of all the intermediaries. Their development and marketing policy seems to be trustable. All these factors show us that Verge has serious potential to rise — despite experts’ opinions.

We are not financial advisors and our words shouldn’t be taken as directions. But we think that Verge might be an interesting option of investment. This coin has a remarkable strength that will make it go soaring high.

But there is one important thing. If you decide to get some Verge, you need a set of trusty tools to buy, store and exchange your crypto.

What is Verge (XVG)?

Verge is a decentralized cryptocurrency project. The foundation behind Verge is focused on making the coin one of the most secure and untraceable payment methods in the world. It’s even was initially launched under the name DogeCoinDark in 2014. Later, in 2016 the project was rebranded becoming Verge that we know nowadays. The project’s native coin has the same name — Verge with XVG ticker.

On top of that, Verge puts its value in principles of community-driven management and transparency. The coin has an open-source code and all the updates are developed and implemented counting users’ opinions.

Like many other altcoins, Verge project aims to make a coin with advantages over Bitcoin. It definitely has some: it is cheaper, much faster and much more private. Verge has a huge emphasis on becoming a coin for everyday use. This is the reason why they try to improve adoption, speed, privacy, and ease of use. As an example, the project has official bots in all major social media platforms — users can tip each other using these bots.

Technically there is no company behind Verge as it’s fully driven by its community. Moreover, there are no official names of team members. The main Verge’s document is their blackpaper — unofficial whitepaper signed only with nicknames. No one except the real Verge team knows who really stands behind the project. In fact, the project is supported by volunteers. The only name known is Justin Sunerock — a person supposed to be the founder of DogeCoinDark and Verge. But there is no confirmed information about him, so this might be a nickname, too — much like Satoshi Nakamoto.

Verge (XVG) Technical Features

Verge has quite a quick blockchain with 30 second block time. It is 20 times faster than Bitcoin’s expected block time.

In order to embody features of anonymity and privacy Verge integrates several soft solutions into the blockchain.

  • TOR. It stands for ‘The Onion Router’. The Onion is a world-known internet security technology that provides anonymity to users. This technology is implemented in many ways: there are official TOR browser and a lot of different apps using the technology to keep the user invisible. The router directs the traffic through several servers hiding real IPs making it very hard to track the user.
  • I2P. It is short for the ‘Invisible Internet Project’. It is another web technology that splits the traffic into 2 parts, leads it through different tunnels and encrypts it. I2P makes tracking even more difficult.
  • Wraith Protocol. It is an additional measure of security for Verge users. It makes the ledger private, so no one can reveal who made a transaction and who received the funds.

As a result, people who send Verge never expose any identifying information. There are different explorers for XVG transactions, but the only data they display are amount, date and time. No sender wallet, no receiver wallet, only common information that some XVG were sent.

Verge (XVG) Market Features

As of this writing in December 2019 current Verge price is $0,004 per coin. The highest Verge price was fixed on December 23, 2019, on the mark $0,3006. The all-time low was $0,000002 on February 5, 2015, shortly after the coin’s release. The current market cap at the moment of creating this material is $63 825 618. The circulating supply is 16 087 675 679 XVG, with a maximum limit of 16 555 000 000 XVG. According to the CoinMarketCap rating, Verge has the 69th line in the overall cryptocurrency rating by market cap volume.

Throughout its whole history, XVG price has been rushing to the sky two times. It happened at the end of 2017 when all the crypto market went skyrocketing and in the next year, in spring 2018. Verge price slowly decreased to the end of summer 2018 and been trading in a sideways since then. 2019 was quite stable for the coin.

Verge News

XVG Prepares a Hard Fork

As it was seen in the previous paragraph, Verge is approaching its maximum supply. It is expected to occur in May 2020. On top of that, the block reward becomes smaller and smaller while XVG price is not rising. This all leads to some serious updates which in fact will be a hard fork. Verge team admits that and hints that the major rule changes for Verge’s blockchain are quite possible.

XVG Gains After PayPal Stops Partnership with Pornhub

PayPal banned Pornhub in November 2019 blocking payouts for more than 100 000 models. After that people started paying attention to other payment methods. Verge made a deal with the adult movie giant in April 2018 — by the way, it was one of the reasons Verge price went skyrocketing in spring 2018. After the news that PayPal is no more into the adult industry, XVG got a 168% increase in daily trading volume within the next 24 hours. Along with that Verge price rose by 33% the same day but it was corrected in the following week.

51% Attacks

Verge had two 51% attacks on the blockchain in 2018. It happened in April and then in May, right after implementing the critical update. Both attacks influenced the Verge price causing it to drop. But, it’s important to say that there were no dysfunctions after that.

How to Buy and Store Verge

Atomic wallet is one of the best ways to manage your crypto portfolio. It is a decentralized cryptocurrency wallet that supports 300+ coins and tokens. It has versions for Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora and smartphone apps for Android and iOS. Atomic is quick, simple and absolutely free in use.

The service has a great emphasis on security. It is the reason why it runs fully decentralized, encrypts all the traffic, and never gives out private user keys. As a result, it has high ratings on many reputation aggregators — including 5 stars on Trustpilot.

On top of that, Atomic has a built-in feature of purchasing crypto. It lets users buy almost any coins and tokens simply with a plastic card. This service always has one of the best rates, good speed and reliability.

How to Exchange Verge

Atomic also can exchange cryptocurrencies one into another. It is a simple and quick way to exchange Verge for another asset or, vice versa, give some other coin to get XVG.

Just open your Atomic wallet and click on the ‘Exchange’. Then you need to pick the trading pair: on the left is the one you give, the right one is what you get in return. After you pick the currencies and type in the amount you want to send, you will see the approximate result of the exchange. If you find it profitable, just hit the ‘Exchange’ button and the magic will start to happen. The transaction process usually takes 5 to 20 minutes from the click on the button to funds enrolling on your wallet.

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