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By Elizabeth Wright

September 24, 2020


What is TRON (TRX)?

TRX is a decentralized blockchain initially based on Ethereum codebase adopted mostly for the entertainment market. Using the Tron platform, the audience can thus create their own individual gaming and entertainment projects, publish software, text, and graphics (visual) content, store it or transfer it for rent, for a fee, distribute and promote it through issuing and receiving assets.

Tron Price Prediction 2019

As of February 18, 2019, the TRX rate is $0.024, the market capitalization is $ 1.65 billion. With these indicators, the project holds 8th place in the Coinmarketcap rating.

No matter how long the current market falls, the revival and new stages of development of the Tron platform are ahead. At the beginning of the year, the most pessimistic forecast for TRON for 2019 was $ 0.04. However, the reason for this is not the problems of the project, but only the general situation in the crypto industry. The main part of sober-thinking and unbiased experts agree that in the 2019th TRX will cost between $ 0.5—1.

Thus, in a short time, the Tron team turned out to be able to prove the main thing: their brainchild is not just another bubble, but a promising long-playing project that will fully demonstrate its strengths in the next 10 years.

Tron (TRX) Market Analysis

#1 Tron Price Prediction
Tron price will reach $1 in less than 5 years, seems to be real.

#2 WalletInvestor Tron Price Prediction
In 1 year TRX will cost less than $ 0.0035.

#3 CoinTame Tron Price Prediction
In 2019 TRX might reach $0.633 and by the end of 2020 may reach $1.

#4 Tron Price Prediction
TRX will be 0.04 by the end of 2019.

Tron Price Prediction 2020

In 2020 TRON price is most likely will be between $0.2 and $1. TRX price also depends on the market situation on the crypto scene. The more use cases and demand will be for TRON, the more it will cost in the future. We predict that TRON price will be $0.5 by 2020.

TRON Tokens

Currently, there are three types of these tokens. And they are used for various purposes:

  • TRONIX (TRX).The main currency of the system. Can be exchanged for other cryptos or Fiat if there is a corresponding option. If necessary, TRX is bought on exchanges or cryptocurrency exchangers.
  • TRON Power (TP). It is impossible to buy or exchange these tokens. The only way to get them is to fasten the TRX coins on the platform. Then they are converted to TP. The resulting coins give a number of privileges in the system. For example, their owner has the right to vote for various changes on the platform.
  • TRC 20. With these tokens, third-party developers can create their own tokens based on the TRON network. The mechanism is similar to the principles of creating coins of the ERC20 standard on the Ethereum blockchain.

Tron Partnerships

According to experts, recently, the leading players in the entertainment market have seriously become interested in decentralized databases and are thinking about transferring their business to the blockchain. For this, they need ready-made solutions, and TRON seems to be the best option for that purpose. The founders of Tron were able to enlist the support of prominent Asian business circles. They invested their funds in the development of the platform: Tang Binsen, the creator of the famous computer game Clash of Kings, the founder of the OFO cycle-breeding company Dai Wei, the head of Lifan industrial concern Yin Minshan and other famous personalities.

Tron collaborates with major IT and blockchain companies such as Bitmain, ICO-365, Bixin, Gravityless, Openledger, which adds weight to the project within the crypto community. Just the other day, Justin Sun confirmed a partnership with the largest Chinese Internet provider Baidu Browser.

Among them:

  • The ability to create on the basis of the platform own entertainment and game projects, publish graphic, program and text content, store it, distribute and sell for crypto;
  • The ability to exchange and make transactions with such assets as PTS, ETH, EOS, Qtum (in the future, the list of currencies is planned to be expanded);
  • High level of security.
  • The high speed of payment transactions;
  • Lack of a unified data transmission and storage centre (decentralization);

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