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By Elizabeth Wright

September 24, 2020


What is Ontology (ONT)?

Ontology was founded in 2017 by a Chinese group called OnChain. OnChain has had significant achievements in the cryptoсurrency industry. Besides, there are the creators following the NEO blockchain platform, which is a very profitable outline nowadays.

Ontology created as a trend to connect blockchain technology inside businesses all around the world. It doesn’t need any changes in their internal systems.

The crew behind Ontology desired to make it an easy process, getting it ideal for companies that don’t have any knowledge of blockchain technology.

One of the most exciting things about the Ontology coin is that they did not take an Ontology initial coin offering. Alternatively, Ontology transfers its assets for free to thousands of people. NEO wallets owners and subscribers of the Ontology email newsletter get some assets too! Besides, there are some funds provided by single investors.

So, the same group produced both blockchain platforms. But, the primary Ontology mission is going to bring blockchain to the business. Moreover, this technology will also assist some decentralized applications (which is called dApps). It means that their main competitor is Ethereum.

Let’s take a look at some ways of the Ontology coin using.

Ontology (ONT) Price Chart

Ontology ONT price prediction

Ontology (ONT) Price Analysis

Ontology prices have come down, and now the ONT current price is around 0,624 USD. In the middle of 2019, Ontology’s value was much higher — about $1,80. So, the Ontology price lost approximately 65% of the highest rate so far.

Market Prediction for Ontology (ONT) Price 2020

As it is known, the cryptocurrency market is very volatile and uncertain. That’s why it is a bit difficult to make some ONT price predictions. Some of them based on last Ontology headlines. Besides, there are several judgments of what the cryptocurrency market leads or the websites are talking about Ontology coins. Let’s take a look at some predictions.

Trading Beasts ONT Price Prediction

These website experts see ONT as a potential altcoin for next year. Thus, in their view, the Ontology price will increase to $0,72 level. Moreover, SC value can exceed $0,77 level by the end of 2020.

GOV Capital ONT Price Prediction

This prediction portal analyzed the crypto market. The result shows us the future decrease Ontology price to $0.00 level by 2020.

Cryptoground ONT Price Prediction

Experts from this crypto website believe that the Ontology coin will be a very profitable investment. Their prospect is very positive. Due to their opinion, the Ontology price will increase to $1,28 level by the end of next year. It’s 113% from the ONT current value.

DigitalCoinPrice ONT Price Prediction

According to their predicted data, the Ontology (ONT) price will increase to $1.34 mark by December 2020. The website traders believe that this altcoin has an outstanding prospect. 

Wallet Investor ONT Price Prediction

According to their view, the Ontology price will come down. The ONT value will decrease to $0,06 mark by the end of next year. Experts see the Ontology coin as a risky investment asset.

Ontology Price Prediction 2020

What makes the Ontology coins an excellent asset for trading? Let’s take a look at some advantages:

  • Talented engineers. Ontology built by a bunch of extraordinarily skilled and intelligent programmers. They are unusually experienced.
  • It’s well-financed. Founded by a Chinese company, is financially supported by many other Chinese groups, too.
  • NEO Partnership. The assistance from the NEO company is one of the principal causes following the current successes of Ontology altcoins.
  • Simple transaction Process. Ontology has declared that it will propose two asset frameworks, ONT and ONG. First of them will allow access to agreement and performance while ONG will help with the doing of smart contracts. As the structure set obtained from NEO, its basics of transaction charges are the same for Ontology.

As for Ontology price forecast 2020, some traders expected to reach the $5 level because the project is steadily improved, and Ontology remains growing friction. It needs to make a severe uptrend joined by secondary help from other developers.

Most Ontology projects directed on the alliance of innovative technologies in businesses are highly inclined to work. Though their possibilities also depend on creating and marketing.

The progress of the Ontology coin also depends on the Chinese government’s resolutions. They oppose the fast advancement of the cryptocurrency industry. But, as soon as the Chinese officials decrease their influence on crypto projects, the altcoin will be the first to get profits.

Ontology Price Forecast

The Ontology price has significantly risen since it was created. Indeed, it has got more than a billion dollars. This achievement makes ONT as one of the most successful crypto projects in the world. Nevertheless, its positive prospects will depend on partnerships. 

On one side, one major partnership inside China could change the ONT price. On the other hand, Ontology works in one of the most stringent nations in the world. It is essential to learn that the Chinese state plans to stop to cryptocurrency trading inside of the country. That’s why the officials are now even thinking about adding mining to the blacklist. If they feel that the Ontology ICO does not meet the ideas of the Chinese regime, they could put a stop to it in one day.

But, according to the information on the Ontology Twitter page, OnChain company was lately in agreement with the Chinese officials, which is undoubtedly a good sign!

Ontology Price Prediction Verdict

Most of the altcoin’s forecasts based on the significant factors influencing its rate:

  • Powerful performance on the development of the partner network and the mass coin permission.
  • Assistance from NEO group (earlier ANS).
  • CoinMarketCap and Flipside Crypto rating system provides the ONT with a first assessment (580).
  • General trends imply market warming.

The leading powers behind ONT price rise will be the proceeded growth of the Ontology network into an ambitious and robust platform. Moreover, the continuously built partnerships with businesses such as MoveBloc will also play an essential role as the platform grows further.

Ontology News: Ontology announced partnership with Blocery

Ontology declared its cooperation with Blocery, a high-end gardening goods/grocery e-commerce platform. Blocery will improve ecosystem applications, receiving capital and infrastructure assistance from the Ontology group. Besides, this platform becomes a member of Ontology’s ecosystem as a decentralized finance solution. Blocery taps into the exact wants of people with the image of blockchain to first develop our everyday lives and then to make the world better.

Blocery is a dApp platform, notably providing the needs of end-consumers in their real lives on the market rate chain. SCF solutions open the cash to merchants by starting crowdfunding solutions to investors and private users. E-commerce solutions demand to users in the “pre-purchase” framework where essential producers and customers can make a deal way earlier than the harvest of grocery with smart contracts.

The project originates from the South Korean business platform, Ezfarm. It has been actively interested in the ag-tech market nationwide. Its extensive relationship with the Garak market in Seoul will be leveraged from the start to resolve the practical industry problem of merchants. With its business form, Blocery tries to make itself a successful blockchain service.

Blocery is starting a test version of the project by the end of 2019. This company plans to relocate to Ontology by the first months of 2020 ultimately.

How To Make Ontology Wallet

Your passkeys to reach the cryptocurrency wallet stay saved on your smartphone. You can be confident that your assets are yours. Furthermore, you can quickly and fast control all of your Ontology coins. Protect, distribute, and trade your ONT tokens in one place!

How To Trade Ontology (ONT)

Whatever you like, whether it is getting or exchanging Ontology coins to another currency, you can do all of this in the Atomic Wallet. This website is a general altcoin wallet for 300 types of cryptocurrencies with an individual trading project. You can buy or sell up to dozens of exchanging pairs with the current ONT rate. 

Inside the Atomic Wallet interface, you can change one asset to another. It’s simple, quick, and safe to trade your altcoins without moving out of the wallet.

Additionally, our platform collaborated with the two largest crypto trading project — Changelly and ChangeNow. Both of them work only with firsthand transfers between 300 assets. Changelly and ChangeNow allow trading cryptocurrencies applying two price models: the inflated price and the fixed price. If you have some trouble using the AW platform, the client support will help you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Both of these crypto services don’t carry somebody’s assets. Changelly and ChangeNow only transfer traded coins to your Ontology wallet.

How To Purchase Ontology (ONT)

You quickly can get some ONT coins with a credit card within the Atomic Wallet platform. It is the quickest and entirely fair way to purchase Ontology assets with VISA or Mastercard. You can buy ONT tokens in 30 minutes. The entire process depends on the speed of the authentication procedure. If it completed, purchased or exchanged altcoins transfer to your Ontology wallet. Though, ordinarily, it doesn’t take too much time to complete the ONT purchase.

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