Nano Price Prediction 2020

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By Elizabeth Wright

September 24, 2020


Nano Price Analysis

On December 4, 2019, Nano’s price was $0.805496. It is among the top 50 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. Nano has a market capitalization of $107,330,904. It’s all-time high is $37.62 while its all-time low is $0.006658. Over the past thirty days, it has a high pf $1.08 and a low of $0.705042. It has a maximum supply of 133,248,297 and a circulating supply of 133,248,297. The coin is scarce because it has reached its maximum supply.

Market Prediction for Nano Price 2020

The entire market is waiting for the improved performance of altcoins. It spent most of 2018 decreasing from it was an all-time high of $37.63 in January 2018. However, its price stabilized and started increasing from February 2019 to April 2019 before it started decreasing. It is highly likely that its price will start increasing soon.

Pavel Matveev, CEO of Wirex, Nano Price Prediction 2020

Pavel discussed the growth of cryptocurrencies as a method of payment. Wirex is considering the possibility of placing Nano on your visa card. He also mentioned that Nano is one of Wirex’s main leading coins. He added that it has great potential to create communities and individuals in the features. The increased use will increase Nano’s value in 2020.

Colin LeMahieu, CEO Nano, Nano Price Prediction 2020

Colin believes that Nano has a great future if it achieves its main objective. He believes that Nano’s main objective is moving by increasing the number of users. The increased partnerships and the number of users will increase the movement of money globally. Ultimately, it will boost Nano’s value in 2020.

Charlie Lee, Founder of Litecoin, Nano Price Prediction 2020

Charlie took a look at Nano, and he claims that he found it impressive. He mentioned that each account has its own blockchain. Charlie also added that Nano uses Proof of Work to fight spam and Proof of Stake to add a layer of protection. Charlie’s confidence in Nano is proof that the coin will have a great future, especially in 2020.

Tim Draper, American Venture Capitalist Investor, Nano Price Prediction 2020

Tim believes that the only long term trend for cryptocurrencies is upwards. He mentions that there may be short term swings, but it will not stop the increasing demand for cryptocurrencies. He is confident that the demand for coins will increase, and cryptocurrencies find more real-world applications. All in all, the value of cryptocurrencies, such as Nano, will increase. 

Elon Musk, Silicon Valley Billionaire, Nano Price Prediction 2020

Elon said in an interview in February 2019 that paper money is going away. He believes that cryptocurrencies are a better way to transfer value than pieces of paper. He believes that the technology behind cryptocurrencies is unique and brilliant. As more people adopt cryptocurrencies, the value of Nano will appreciate. You should take advantage of the current price to make more money.

Factors Contributing to Nano’s Price Growth in 2020

One of the factors that will drive Nano’s growth in 2020 is widespread adoption. The number of people accepting Nano as a payment method in the future will boost its price growth. Nano has gained a good reputation among some major influencers who believe that Nano is one of the best investment decisions.

Its rebranding has had a positive impact on the coin. When RaiBlocks was renamed Nano, it has gained a better attraction in its target market. Within 24 hours after its rebranding in nearly 2018, the coin experienced a 40% price growth. The new name is resonating better with the mainstream audience. 

Nano is one of the simplest cryptocurrencies available. Cryptocurrencies may be confusing, especially to new investors. Its simplicity has allowed it to stand out regardless of the high competition in the crypto market. It is a payment coin that offers impressive scalability, solid fundamentals, zero fees, and almost-instant fees.

Its partnership with Twitch will boost its presence in the mainstream market. Twitch announced in February 2018 that it would accept Nano payments. Twitch is a video streaming service. The partnership will allow the coin to gain acceptance with other merchants and boost its popularity. 

Nano Price Prediction Verdict 2020

Nano is a stable long term investment. Most crypto experts believe that Bitcoin will experience a price surge in 2020. It is highly likely that Bitcoin’s rising prices will carry along many altcoins, including Nano. Nano has the potential to exhibit enormous growth in 2020.

However, the main test of Nano’s stability in the long term is its ability to perform in a competitive environment. Its anti-spam Proof of Work concept that is infinitely scalable provides high hopes for success in the global market. Its zero-fee transaction capability is appealing not only to cryptocurrency enthusiasts but also the society.

The crypto industry is quite volatile, and price changes occur within seconds. It may be difficult to predict Nano’s specific price in 2020, but all the factors indicate that its price will increase in 2020. As more people accept Nano as a method of payment, its value will appreciate. You should take advantage of the current price to make extra money in 2020. 

What is Nano?

Nano aims to conduct its tasks within the blockchain at a faster rate than other cryptocurrencies. It seeks to revolutionize blockchain technology by providing zero-fee transactions in real-time with minimal or zero energy consumption. 

Nano wants to make money efficient and promote equality in the world. It ensures that the coin is simple to pay with, open to everyone, and easy to integrate with other real-world transactions. 

It uses a radically different consensus algorithm and data structure than other cryptocurrencies. Nano uses a block-lattice data structure where each coin address has its own blockchain. it is the only cryptocurrency that uses the block-lattice technology. Most coins have a single sequential list of blocks that contain transactions. While most coins maintain consensus through Proof of Work, Nano maintains consensus through voting. 

Brief History of Nano

Nano used to be called RaiBlocks when it was launched in 2015 by Colin LaMahieu. LaMahieu had years of experience in software engineering. The man reason the project changed its name to Nano from RaiBlocks is that the initial name did not resonate with the target audience. Within 24 hours after it changed its rebranding, its price surged 40%. 

Nano uses a Direct Acrylic Graph (DAG) in addition to its block-lattice architecture. DAGs allow multiple chains of blocks to be interconnected and coexist without forming an edge. Block lattice architecture allows each user to be assigned their own blockchain, known as account-chain.

One of the main concerns in the crypto industry is the increase in transaction fees. Nano addresses the concern by providing a zero-transaction fee currency. No fees are paid to miners, and the exchange is free.

Nano’s transactions are instant and real-time. Coin holders do not have to wait for the network ledge to update. The transaction information is updated by the owner and then updated in the bigger block-lattice. The move has resulted  in lowering transaction times. Additionally, it has a lower energy consumption than most cryptocurrencies. 

Nano is infinitely scalable. It can process 1000 times more transactions per second than major cryptocurrencies. It means that you will never get stuck in a queue, and your transactions are instant.

Nano Price Chart

Figure 1 shows Nano’s price chart from December 2018 to December 2019 

How to Buy Nano

You need a cryptocurrency wallet to buy Nano. However, the coin does not exist anywhere or in any single location in a physical form. The only thing that exists is a record of transactions. A wallet will interface with various blockchains and allow you to buy Nano. 

The wallet should be transparent, secure, reliable, and multi-currency. Also, the wallet should regularly update so that it can enhance security. It should allow you to buy Nano at the best rates in the market. It should make privacy and anonymity easy to achieve. 

There are many wallet solutions in the market. However, there is only one that will address all your crypto needs, Atomic Wallet. It is the best solution in the market with a user-friendly interface. Its customer service is available 24 hours a day throughout the year. Download and install Atomic wallet on your personal computer or mobile device and start earning money from your investment in Nano.

How to Exchange Nano

You may need to exchange Nano with other cryptocurrencies. You need a wallet that will allow you to access your account from anywhere. It should allow you to use several currencies. You may need Nano not only for buying and investing but also for everyday purchases.

Atomic wallet has a custody free and multi-asset solution that allows you to store and manage Nano and 300+ other tokens and coins, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many others. Your private keys will be securely stored in your device. You will have full control over your investments.

Atomic wallet allows you to view the real-time prices of various coins and allows you to make the right investment decision. The app is compatible with all major operating systems, such as Windows, Fedora, macOS, Debian, and Ubuntu. Atomic wallet will allow you to make good investment decisions not only in the comfort of your home but also when you are at work or walking through your mobile device. 

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