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By Elizabeth Wright

September 24, 2020


What is EOS?

EOS is a cryptocurrency and a blockchain at the same time. EOS decentralized platform is widely used by developers to build their own dapps, and in order to access the EOS blockchain, it is necessary to have EOS coins. To date, the company has shown enormous potential of both products which attract investments as never before. One of the reasons behind the world’s growing interest in EOS is the platform’s ability to process 50,000 transactions per second.

Like the whole crypto market, last year EOS  first faced rise and then a sharp decline in its value which represented a 71 % decrease in comparison to the coin’s cost in January. Thus, the EOS coin price jumped from almost $9 in January to $21 in April which constituted the coin’s highest value of 2018 and then fell to almost $2 over the course of the year. Despite all these fluctuations EOS ranks third in the classification of 100 largest cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalization. According to the latest EOS news, the EOS current price is $3.69 USD.

In this article, we accumulate various EOS price predictions made by famous crypto experts for the following two years and give a full explanation of where and how it is possible to buy and exchange EOS. In particular, you can use Atomic Wallet which supports over 300 different tokens and offers best currency exchange rates for many popular currency pairs.

The history of EOS

The coin was created in 2017 by Daniel Larimer who had previously developed Bitshares and Steem. In contrast to the majority of cryptocurrencies, its ICO and token distribution lasted a year. EOS differs from other blockchain-based platforms in many ways: firstly, it processes over 50,000 operations per second; secondly, EOS cannot be mined but purchased and its maximum supply is one billion coins.

The biggest competitor – Bitcoin – has a much lower processing speed and cannot support the proper development of decentralized applications shooting up like mushrooms. Besides, EOS overcomes Ethereum in terms of processing speed and offers customers tools to build more top-notch applications. On these grounds, EOS is likely to have a bright future and stay one of the leaders among other coins.

As you can see in the chart below, the currency suffered some fluctuations during the last year and has been quite steady lately, the EOS current price is $3.69 USD.

Market prediction for EOS price

What are EOS price predictions for 2019? The future development of the coin is determined by various factors including upcoming upgrades of the platform as well as highly unpredictable market sentiment towards the coin which largely determines the EOS current price. Anyway, one cannot deny that EOS is a promising project that is able to measure up to the world’s blockchain leaders such as EthereumNEO etc. According to the company founder Daniel Larimer, EOS presents brand new scalability and governance which make many dapps move to the platform. Some experts are optimistic about the coin’s price in 2019 while others maintain a position that the year will be rather bearish.

#1 EOS Price Prediction

One of the Steemit.com writers makes a positive EOS price prediction for 2019, indicating that the EOS coin price might reach $70 over the course of the year in case the situation is favorable. Otherwise, EOS will not pass the $20 mark. Whether the cost of the coin will moon is determined by two main factors which are possible changes in the regulation of the crypto market, a potential massive capital inflow from China and the United States as well as upcoming upgrades of the platform which might attract a bigger audience and boost the price naturally. The author indicates that we just have to follow the EOS news, as any of these factors can provoke a fast growth of the coin’s value.

#2 WalletInvestor EOS Price Prediction

Another bullish EOS price prediction for 2019 is made by Wallet Investor. The experts see the coin as a favorable venture, forecasting a stable increase in the EOS value in the short term and expecting it to reach $911 USD in 2024.

#3 TradingBeasts.com EOS Price Prediction

Tradingbeasts.com predicts a rather bearish year for the coin. Thus, the coin is expected to reach its maximum of $9.12 USD only by the end of the year, while the lowest EOS coin price might be $5.56 USD. The experts forecast a gradual increase in the coin’s value throughout the year which is not expected to drop again until the EOS current price.

#4 CoinSwitch.io EOS Price Prediction

A more optimistic forecast for 2019 EOS value is made by Coinswitch.co, emphasizing a great potential of the platform technology for the future of decentralized applications. According to the EOS news, 2019 will see major improvements of the platform which can increase the acceptance ratio. Taking it into consideration, the price of the coin is expected to reach $15 USD which is almost 4 times bigger than its current price.

#5 CryptoGround.com EOS Price Prediction

Cryptoground.com makes a rather positive price estimate based on the neural network algorithm. Thus, the EOS value is expected to reach $4.5433 USD in 6 months and $7.5911 USD in one year. Based on the algorithm output, the platform considers investing in EOS profitable, especially, for the long term, as the EOS price prediction seems bullish for the following years.

EOS price prediction 2019

Even though experts disagree about a possible EOS price estimate for the following months, the acceptance ratio of the coin is gradually increasing together with the EOS current price, as the platform presents great prospects for the development of decentralized applications and overcome Ethereum and Bitcoin in terms of technology. Right now EOS ranks fifth in the list of top 100 cryptocurrencies by market cap and its trade volume continues to increase, as you can see in the EOS news. Looking ahead, EOS is expected to drop its value in March and significantly recover in May, maintaining a stable growth pace till the end of the year when it might reach the $15 mark. If the crypto regulation becomes more favorable, the coin’s price is expected to hit $70 USD in December 2019.

EOS price prediction 2020

2020 EOS price estimate is more positive than the one for 2019. Thus, Coinswitch.co predicts an increase in its value during the first half of the year and in July 2020 EOS might hit the mark of $95. However, there is a slight chance that the price will decline for the rest of the year reaching $56 in December 2020. The forecast made by Tradingbeasts.com is less bullish, as the platform experts expect the price fluctuate from $10 to $16 throughout the year. Another prediction is given by Theoofy.com and includes two scenarios for 2020 EOS price behavior. Suggesting a climate is favorable, the coin might reach $22 throughout the year 2020, while in a less optimistic scenario EOS will stick to the $7 to 9$ mark. One way or another, EOS is seen as a significant competitor for Ethereum and is expected to upgrade its technology by far in the next two years.

EOS Price Prediction Verdict

In 2018 EOS proved to be a perfect platform for the development of decentralized applications due to its advanced technologies which have already started to question Bitcoin’s and Ethereum’s leadership, as it says on the EOS news. With the growing popularity of the platform, the coin’s value inevitably surges. It seems that EOS is destined to attract much more investors and grow in the next years. s

The EOS price predictions for 2019 may differ but almost all of them imply an increase in the coin’s value for the upcoming months. Ranking fifth in terms of market capitalization, EOS takes the notions of scalability and governance to a whole new level, thus presenting a perfect option of investors, especially, for the long-term. If you are inclined to invest in EOS, you can benefit from a first non-custodial Atomic Wallet offering a chance to buy and manage more than three hundred coins in a single and easy-to-use interface.

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