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By Elizabeth Wright

September 24, 2020


What is Bitcoin Cash (BCH)?

Around the middle of July 2017 was big news: The Bitcoin developers agreed on the need to update the protocol using the SegWit2x technology (Segregated Witness). Such a solution was proposed by the Bitcoin Core development team and it was supported by the largest mining pools from China – they agreed to update the protocol, which promised to improve the performance of the entire network, but some of the large mining companies supported the division.

As a result of the hard fork, there was a new coin that is called Bitcoin Cash (BCH). As commented Charles Morris, a representative of NextBlock Global investment company:

“A group of miners who did not like the option using SegWit2x decided to increase the block size of cryptocurrency from 1 MB to 8 MB”.

So, on August 1, the BCH was born with a block size of 8 MB. Bitcoin Cash is a cryptocurrency, born as a fork of Bitcoin. Today Bitcoin Cash is one of the largest cryptocurrencies and takes place in Top 5 cryptocurrencies in the world. Bitcoin Cash market capitalization is about $ 2 BLN and its daily volume is about $ 200 MLN. Bitcoin Cash is also one of the value cryptocurrencies, today BCH price is about 125 USD for 1 BCH.

Market prediction for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) price

Market prediction for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) price

If the hard fork of Bitcoin Cash didn’t happen in 2018, this coin could be even more perspective in the new 2019. But today there is the new coin, it’s called Bitcoin SV (BSV) and there was a #HashWars for the advantages of the initial hard fork. BCH price had a hard war with BSV price for the leading position and won it. At this moment BCH price is almost twice that the BSV price.

Bitcoin Cash price was also bigger than today. The max BCH price was $ 4091 at the end of 2017, and its middle price for last year is about $ 400-600, so today it has the potential to grow. But in 2019, several significant news will take place on the cryptocurrency market: The US Securities and Exchange Commission will make another decision on Bitcoin ETF, start the platform for institutional investors Bakkt and Fidelity, and much more, so you should be aware of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) news if you trade it to make a profit.

#1 Wallet Investor Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction
BCH price may spike down to the level of $ 11 by the end of 2019.

#2 Smartereum Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction
In 5 years Bitcoin Cash price will probably be $10.000. Very positive price forecast for the BCH coin.

#3 LongForecast Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction
In December 2019 the price of BCH will probably be at the level between $51 and $66.

Bitcoin Cash price prediction

After the launch, Bitcoin Cash set a record for the number of trading platforms, which added BCH to the list of trading pairs. Today, the coin takes a place on all the leading exchanges, this makes the BCH accessible to a wide range of users which has an influence on Bitcoin Cash price.

Supporters of the BCH began to unite even before the Bitcoin hard fork and the official release of the Bitcoin Cash. The advantages of the new algorithm, in which the processing of transactions took four times less time was really attractive for a lot of users. Even today, at a difficult time for the entire industry, the BCH price is still one of the largest on the market. And by the end of the year, the price will probably spike up to the $ 220 in its value.

Bitcoin Cash (BTC) price prediction verdict

In 2018 the BCH news was not too favorable. One of the first disturbing events was the delisting of BCH on the KuCoin and OKEx trading platforms. Official reasons were not voiced, but according to rumors, BCH pairs just turned out to be unpopular.

But according to the high level of capitalization, the BCH name can hardly be forgotten army of fans in the coming 2019 year. It is hard to tell what will happen in the long term because the BCH fundamental technology is inferior to the same Ethereum or EOS. Therefore, experts recommend considering the BCH as a tool for medium-term investments (for the next year and a half).

At the same time, the BCH developers plan to provide the technical ability to enjoy the benefits of cryptocurrency to all people on the earth. They plan to develop educational projects and create charitable foundations for third world countries. They are working on mass adoption and provide opportunities for turning into a global cryptocurrency for daily payments which is certainly will have an effect on the Bitcoin Cash price.

How to choose Bitcoin Cash (BCH) wallet

To make a good choice of the cryptocurrency wallet you need to know the difference between them. There are 3 types of the cryptocurrency wallets:

  • Cold wallets
  • Custodial wallets
  • Decentralized light wallets

Cold wallets download the full node. Custodial wallets store your Private keys in their bases and it theoretically may be hacked. Decentralized wallets store your private keys in an encrypted manner on your device, so while you own your 12 words you can be sure that your money is under your control.

Atomic Wallet is a decentralized wallet that supports BCH and other 300+ cryptocurrency assets, so you can manage all of your cryptocurrencies on one secure interface.

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