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Aave (LEND): Explained

Decentralized Finance has been gaining traction for the last few years, and for a good reason. It gives financial access to people who would not get the benefits of the central banking system. With decentralized finance, anyone can borrow and lend in crypto without needing the requirements that come with the legacy banking system such as KYC. As DeFi grows in acceptance, the number of protocols serving the space has grown with platforms like MakerDAO now becoming more visible in crypto space. One of the platforms that have taken the DeFi space by storm is Aave (LEND).
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What Is Ren: Complete Guide

Republic Protocol – or REN – is a cryptocurrency project focused on changing the digital currency sector, starting by simplifying value exchange over a vast array of blockchains. It has been built to help with cross-chain liquidity, providing users with better privacy and to be used with the financial markets. This project has gained a lot of interest as it is trying to build a decentralized dark pool of cross-chain cryptocurrency trading. Here we will discuss everything you need to know about REN and how this cryptocurrency can work for you.
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What are Mining Pools?

Check this article to learn why people need mining pools, what are the most common types and what are the most popular Bitcoin and Ethereum mining pools?
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Compound (COMP): Explained

Compound (COMP) is a new form of cryptocurrency that gives you the power to debate, propose changes to and vote on how to use and manage this asset, and generate your interest in the cryptocurrency world. In this article, we’ll tell you how COMP came about, its technology, and whether you can impact on how COMP is controlled.
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DeFi: Explained

In this article, we will take you through what DeFi is, its advantages, risks, and challenges while highlighting some of the top DeFi projects to look out for soon. But first, how does DeFi differentiate itself from existing FinTech solutions?
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Buy Bitcoin with PayPal: Complete Guide

Buying Bitcoin does not need to be mysterious or challenging. You can buy Bitcoin with PayPal, provided you know which websites to use to purchase it. This provides convenience as well as added confidence in the transaction's security. We will tell you where to buy Bitcoin using PayPal, as well as how to store it afterward.