Crypto Degens: The Most Dedicated Fan Group in Web3

Andrew Carr
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May 2, 2024
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Degenerate activities are often associated with regressive behaviors; behaviors that aren’t understood and generally looked down upon. Crypto degen refers to a trader that dives into the deep end and goes fully into the weeds of niche blockchain and crypto topics that would make the eyes of an average person, even the average crypto investor, completely glaze over. 

There can be different types of crypto degens (NFT degens, memecoin degens, and altcoin degens) but they are all connected and driven by their obsession with decentralization. 

What defines a crypto degen?


Primarily, the main traits that determine if someone is a degen are firstly their ability to research, and secondly, how much time they spend doing the research that informs their obsession with whatever crypto niche it is. 

Crypto degens possess very analytical minds, able to draw conclusions and find truths about aspects of their niche to become experts on it. To be a crypto degen is to be very focused. Degens practices methodical research from not-so-easy-to-find sources that is tedious to undergo but which yields valuable insight. 

Whether it be analyzing microcaps from the bottom 500 projects on CoinGecko, running through search filters on Opensea, or following Whale movements on Etherscan, crypto degens utilize research tools effectively to find truth. 

High Risk Tolerance

Crypto degens are drawn to the potential for substantial returns within a relatively short timeframe. The cryptocurrency market's extreme volatility offers the opportunity for rapid price fluctuations, leading to significant profits for those willing to take on high levels of risk.

Additionally, many crypto degens embrace an early adoption mentality, believing in the potential for outsized returns by investing in emerging technologies and projects before they gain mainstream attention. This mentality encourages them to take on high levels of risk by investing in new and unproven projects in the hopes of identifying the next big opportunity.

Moreover, some individuals are naturally drawn to high-risk, high-reward activities due to a desire for excitement and adrenaline. The cryptocurrency market, with its fast-paced and unpredictable nature, provides a thrilling environment that appeals to these individuals' thrill-seeking behavior.

Furthermore, the lack of regulation and oversight in the cryptocurrency market compared to traditional financial markets can attract risk-tolerant individuals who are comfortable operating in an environment with fewer restrictions and rules.

Crypto degens employ various strategies to navigate the high-risk environment of the cryptocurrency market. These strategies include yield farming and liquidity mining, trading on margin, speculative investing in altcoins, and participating in initial coin offerings (ICOs) and token sales.

Passion for Crypto

Crypto degens are recognized by their strong belief in the transformative power of digital currencies and their tendency to invest heavily in new coins, tokens, and DeFi projects without thorough research, aiming for high returns. 

These individuals are seen as passionate and committed members of the crypto community who openly discuss their investing mistakes on social media platforms. Crypto degens often contribute to the beta testing of new projects, offering valuable feedback and innovative ideas. Moreover, they express a strong affinity for their favorite token and projects, embodying a sense of loyalty that is characteristic of the vibrant and diverse crypto community.

Degen Behavior

Investment Strategies

Crypto Degens are characterized by their high-risk tolerance and aggressive investment strategies. They are known for investing heavily in new coins, tokens, and DeFi projects without thorough research, aiming for high returns. 

Their bold approach often involves committing large sums of money to projects that are still in their infancy, with the hope that these will skyrocket in value.

This form of investment strategy is not for the faint-hearted, as it comes with significant financial risks. However, it's this very willingness to "ape in" and take risks that sets Crypto Degens apart. When their favorite cryptocurrencies rise, they're often seen using terms like "LFG" (Let's F***ing Go), and when the market takes a downward turn, they advocate "HODL" (Hold On for Dear Life).

Role in the Crypto Community

Crypto Degens play a dual role in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. On the one hand, they drive innovation, liquidity, and increased visibility for emerging technologies. Their willingness to invest in fledgling projects can provide these with the financial resources needed to grow and succeed.

On the other hand, their speculative behavior can contribute to market volatility. This can lead to inflated prices and potential losses among less experienced investors. Their actions can create bubbles and raise concerns about the sustainability of these investments.

Crypto Degen Culture

Online Platforms

Crypto Degens actively participate in online forums, social media platforms, and messaging apps where they share tips, speculation, and memes. This fosters a culture that is both inclusive and exclusive within the cryptocurrency landscape. 

These platforms are used to foster communities, share information, and discuss high-risk crypto assets. They contribute to the dissemination of trends and market sentiments and are where degens openly discuss their investing mistakes. 

Memes and Social Media Influence

Memes and social media play a significant role in the 'degen' subculture within the crypto community. The use of humor, satire, and pop culture references in memes helps to convey complex concepts and ideas in a simple and accessible manner. They serve as a form of social commentary, reflecting the views and sentiments of the degen community on various crypto-related topics.

Crypto degens leverage the power of social media to influence market trends and sentiments. Viral tweets or trending memes can drive interest toward specific tokens or projects, leading to rapid price movements. However, this influence also comes with responsibility, as misinformation or hype can lead to market volatility and financial losses for uninformed investors.

The culture of crypto degens is characterized by active engagement, a unique sense of humor, and a significant influence on social media. While to the outside world, a crypto degen might be seen as a speculative crypto trader, within the crypto industry, a crypto degen is considered a subculture with a strong sense of camaraderie and uniqueness.

Impact of Crypto Degens

One of the key impacts of crypto degens is their contribution to market volatility. These individuals are known to pump large amounts of money into new and often unproven projects, which can cause rapid price changes and heightened volatility.

Crypto degens are often attracted to the potential of quick wealth and are known for making the crypto landscape more exhilarating through their bold investment choices. This behavior can lead to price pumps and dumps, where the price of a particular cryptocurrency rapidly rises and then crashes. 

In addition to contributing to market volatility, crypto degens can also influence price movements of specific cryptocurrencies. Their speculative investments can induce sharp price changes within the projects they invest in, affecting the overall market dynamics.

Due to their risk-tolerant nature, crypto degens often invest in emerging projects, pumping the prices of these coins or tokens. However, these rapid price increases can be followed by equally rapid price drops when these investors sell their positions for profit, leading to potential market instability.

The influence of crypto degens on price movements and market volatility highlights the importance of understanding this group's behaviors and strategies, especially for new investors entering the cryptocurrency market. 


Crypto degens represent a unique and passionate subset within the cryptocurrency community, characterized by their unwavering dedication, high-risk tolerance, and fervent belief in the transformative power of digital currencies. 

Defined by their meticulous research, aggressive investment strategies, and active participation in online platforms, crypto degens play a dual role in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

On one hand, they drive innovation, liquidity, and increased visibility for emerging technologies through their willingness to invest in fledgling projects. On the other hand, their speculative behavior can contribute to market volatility, leading to inflated prices and potential losses among less experienced investors. 

Despite the risks associated with their investment strategies, crypto degens continue to shape the crypto landscape through their bold investment choices and influential presence on social media platforms.

The impact of crypto degens on market dynamics underscores the importance of understanding their behaviors and strategies, particularly for newcomers to the cryptocurrency market. 

While their actions may contribute to short-term volatility, they also bring excitement, innovation, and diversity to the ever-evolving world of crypto. As the crypto industry continues to mature, the role of crypto degens will undoubtedly remain a subject of fascination and intrigue within the broader cryptocurrency community.

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